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I went to a really bad internet cafe two days in a row. Now I finally found a nice one. Fast internet. I can read the screen. And at least today it is not full of screaming teenage boys playing fighting games. Just gotta hit the cafe at the right time. The other internet cafe is the library but not always open.

Makes me want a big screen and more than a place to just rest my head every few months.

The old dilemma strikes again. To feel a bit of stability but also some freedom.

Sometimes a 9 to 5 job with access to a cultural and intellectual life sounds fab. Cultural. Hm. Well, arts and culture are alive somewhere in Poland, but I don't have access to that world. I am not a traveling professor and I don't speak Polish.

The hotel is not so bad. Just got to get a bit more settled.

Someday I want a big screen again like in Korea. It makes a huge difference to type and read on a big screen. And internet again. Ah yes. Internet again.

It's quite interesting how I keep getting myself into isolating situations. Both in Korea and Poland. Weekends are especially bad. No real human contact. And then a few scattered hours of speaking English to Polish folks during the week. Still, if i could just get comfortable with that situation. Maybe if I used my money for big screen instead of a stupid hernia operation I can settle into my hotel room. And just write like crazy. Hm . . . But again it would only be for three months and then I would lose the big screen (like in Korea. Damn I like nice clean big screens.

Ah well. At least it is possible to use this internet cafe now and again.

so, I am off to find food. That is my latest adventure in Poland. Finding places to eat lunch and dinner. Maybe bigos and one beer tonight. And then some public high school teaching tomorrow morning. Gotta keep my mind active and regain the complexities of my native language.


Anonymous said…
In your travels, do you think you may go to Chernobyl? Look at this for some mind-bending information:

I like your work. Keep it up. Turning one's brain inside out is always good for the ...
Dick Slease said…
I don't know why that last post went up as anonymouos. I know who I am. Dick Slease here. Sorry.

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