Bielsko Biala

Panic. survival mode yesterday. School could no longer afford to pay me so I was let go. Living in Communist hotel with little money.

So I went nuts at the internet cafe and called and emailed schools in Poland and Spain.

I got lucky.

A solid school in a much nicer city had also had an emergency. One of their teachers left and they needed someone right away.

So they drove to my hotel. I interviewed with them. Got the gig. Moving in two days to Bielsko Biala. A nice medium sized city near the Beskidy mountains. I will teach English in the army barracks and at a few companies plus some children's classes. I got a free flat. Living with the head teacher named John from Dublin. Short contract until July 27th 2007 to see if it works out for both parties.

It should be a new and interesting challenge.