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Bielsko Biala

Panic. survival mode yesterday. School could no longer afford to pay me so I was let go. Living in Communist hotel with little money.

So I went nuts at the internet cafe and called and emailed schools in Poland and Spain.

I got lucky.

A solid school in a much nicer city had also had an emergency. One of their teachers left and they needed someone right away.

So they drove to my hotel. I interviewed with them. Got the gig. Moving in two days to Bielsko Biala. A nice medium sized city near the Beskidy mountains. I will teach English in the army barracks and at a few companies plus some children's classes. I got a free flat. Living with the head teacher named John from Dublin. Short contract until July 27th 2007 to see if it works out for both parties.

It should be a new and interesting challenge.


Anonymous said…
I just came across this blog while searching for something involving Bieslko Biala on the internet. I used to live and teach in Bielsko so your last posts were interesting. Did you actually live in Zory??? I travelled through there on a couple of occasions - an absolute hell hole!
I'll give you some (probably insolent and unwanted) advice - if you want to get some mileage out of your Master's degrees try universities. They are much more keen on "real" qualifications than private language schools, which may indeed require a CELTA. From ateaching point of view a CELTA might help, although I have absolutely no idea whether you need an yhelp with your teaching methodology. It could get you into a better private school, like International House, but then again it sounds like you have done all right if your current school have sorted you out with a flat. But anyway, try universities - walk in the door and ask around. There is some kind of tinpot poly in Bielsko but the nearest real Uni is Uniwersitet Slaski up in Katowice. They do, however, have a nice affiliate in Cieszyn, which is not far from Bielsko. If you haven't been to Cieszyn go there anyway - it is really worth seeing and might change your mind about Silesia a bit. Generally south of Bielsko the lanscape gets much more pleasant, and even Zywiec is worth a visit, although the beer is poor. Oh, another point about Cieszyn, it has its own brewery, Brackie, and Czech Republic is 5 minutes walk over the border with its much better and cheaper beer. And if you go in the next day or two you can go to the Kino na Granicy film festival.

I seem to be quite keen on Cieszyn, and indeed I am...

postpran said…
Hey Steve,

Thanks so much for the great advice. I would love to teach university again. i taught university in Korea for a while but wanted to get back to Europe. I was wondering about the possibilities of teaching uni in Poland. I will certainly check out Cieszyn. Are you currently teaching in Poland? Thanks again for the great advice. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said…
No, I left Poland in 2004, and went to Romania for a couple of years. Since September I have been in Budapest, Hungary.
Last weekend I nipped up to Poland for a couple of days to visit the film festival I told you about in Cieszyn. So that has finished now, but you'll find they have a Theatre Festival in June. Bielsko also has quite a nice art life at times - have you been to the Gallery on 3 Maja, or the cool photography gallery (I forget the name of the street its on.)
Wszystkiego najlepszego z bylego mieszkanca Bielska,
czyli Steve
Anonymous said…
I am interested in teaching english in Bielsko Biala next year or anywhere that is nearby to there. The reason being is that my girlfriend lives in Poland and I want to move over there. What would your advice be to someone in my situation? by the end of this year I will have a bachelors degree from Australia. Cheers.

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