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thirteen days without writing and finally something is slowly coming. Wrapped myself in professionalism only to realise, again, a job is good only if it allows me to live. By live, I mean write and think and dream. In other words lose my mind. A good stream of books words thoughts. Teaching EFL can deaden my awareness. Or strip it. I am not sure how to proceed. Still feeling cut-off from an artistic and intellectual community. But A good Internet connection and a small library could solve a lot. Or alleviate a bit. Or bring back.

I am fighting for fire. For wildness. For wilderness.

A first generation American with a sense of rootlessness. Ulster Scot. Unsettled. Wandering. Not a citizen of America. But broke my teeth on poetry in America.

I am at least 72.5% American now!


Didi Menendez said…
Your first born would be considered a first generation.

I should know.

postpran said…
Yes good point. But what if you lose your accent/language?
Anonymous said…
I heard the term "1.5 generation" used recently. Perhaps you would be .5 generation?

Hope your surgery goes well, and a quick and easy recovery.

P.S. - Hello again! Met you at Blue Door ages ago and have been enjoying your blog.
Andrew said…
Man, I am feeling you. Teaching ESL is killing me at the minute. Been at it too long. Would like to teach adults but the hours are terribly antisocial. Need to get out of it soon. But where? If only I knew!!! Anyway, will give you a call on Saturday to see if you are all patched up okay …
postpran said…
Hi Dianne nice to hear from you. I remember you from the Blue Door. I miss those days a lot. Thanks for reading the blog :-)

Yeah Andrew. Thanks for the call man. I appreciate it. We gotta find other jobs soon. Maybe we could open a wee school in Ireland. An English school in Portadown? Hm . . . there are a lot of people needing English in the hometown and all over Northern Ireland. Think about it man. We could do it seriously!!! And maybe Zofia could also help us with the Polish students and you guys could take all the Asian students. Of course all of us could take the Portuguese and Ukranians. Shit man. It really is an open field. We could rock man!!!

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