hunker down sometime

Sticky. Tried to shower with plastic bag. Didn't work too well since I have to sit in the bathtub. I need a bit more flexibility. But off to the doctors tomorrow and then maybe I can have a proper shower.

Bielsko is much better than other places I lived in Poland in terms of . . . well shops and scenery. Other than that it is still Poland. Not much different than anywhere else I have seen. Krakow is unique though.

I keep thinking if I have:

1) a nice clean flat with a somewhat clean roommate

2) internet connection

3) a small library of books

4) a steady schedule with time to think and write

I can do this for another year. I would love to have a permanent address for a year. And have enough money to get some poetry books shipped from the U.S. and the U.K.

God I am starving for some new books of poetry. I can only read Alien Tatters so many times.