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tO DOS or NOT to DOS

This new school in Bielsko has offered me a promotion for next school year as a director of studies. Management position. It would almost double my salary to 4000 zl per month with a free flat. But it would be quite stressful. A lot of work. I am not sure. It would be something different, but I want the mental and physical/time to write think read etc. hm . . .

wish I could talk to a DOS and get some feedback. Maybe I will try Dave's ESL.

Summer is coming to Poland. Sticky. My stitches are out and I am itchy. Gotta write soon. I don't have a desk or anywhere to really write in my new flat. But maybe next month they will move me into a new flat and I can find a table for my laptop or something.

Roll with it . . .


Andrew said…
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Andrew said…
Hey man, sounds like a professional adventure with a good pay off. I am not exactly sure what the job description of Director of Studies would involve in a school in Poland but as you know I worked 50 to 60 hours a week in my director’s job in Seoul. I had a wild stressful time supervising the 8 staff in my department and 30 resident foreign teachers, developing curriculum and writing/designing books. I was spread thin man and I had no time to write. Oddly enough I did have enough time and a raging desire to go boozing quite a lot…weird! Anyway, something for you to think about.
postpran said…
Hey Andrew,

Yeah, it would be stressful but not as stressful as your experience. 5 foreign teachers and 10 Polish teachers so less staff to worry about. But they would rely on me a lot to do everything. Just the owner and me mostly. Schedules etc. The school has classes everyday from 7AM-9PM. All the teachers work split shifts. So it is a very busy school. I would work around 40 hours I think. But in September it would be very stressful giving and marking tests for incoming students and making groups and choosing textbooks etc. A lot of pressure to be sure. But I figure I can try it for a while. Even say $400 or more a month for a while :-)

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