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Shiva Shiva

(July 18th 2006)

trying to get around the generals of lyricism got my blinker on

but don’t know where to turn behind my tired immortal head is a deranged sentence fecund 14 songs and one unsolvable riddle a fat-cheeked policemen all choked-up cause the communists removed themselves and it’s

been raining monkeys

ever since drinkin and trying ain’t enough

& I sing Shiva Shiva

July dark skies Korea floods eight straight days and nights

alas my lost youth intervenes full tilt with a nightstick searching for a barn else someplace to get the rustic back in my bones

the ancient cabbage in the field

& the dark contemplative on the cliff

& the soggy newspapers full of squiggles

& dimes of commerce through my eyes

what testicles

vigor uterus

a great deal of thinking goes out

the other side bloody cotton

on my tepid tongue