still looking for space . . .

Space is becoming more and more vital

Three more months without a sanctuary.

I negotiated my own flat for September

In September I hope to find a physical space.

Head space is also vital.

What is headspace?

Well, too much headspace=headcase.

Need to make myself social to avoid becoming a headcase.

But too much social=headcase.

I don't want to be a headcase.

Lack of writing makes me a headcase.

Lack of space makes me a headcase.

I am sensitive. over-sensitive to my surroundings.

I am not good at blocking out.

I notice too much.

Sticky eyes in a sweety shop.

I am still in a mass transition from my married life.

I need a big whirl

to get drunk on words again.

Andrew gave me a whirl.

I need another one soon.

Notebooks and pens are not working well.

indeed I need a big screen.

12 inches is too small.