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octopus magazine # 9

Some very interesting essays in the new Octopus magazine. I am looking forward to reading:

1)Gabriel Gudding's: "On Kindness and Hipness as They Relate to Cultural Production"

2) Dean Gorman's "You Were Like Skyscrapers Veering Away: My First Time with Ted Berrigan’s Sonnets"

3) Noah Eli Gordon's "Written and Rewritten to Order: The Gift of Generative Possibility in the Work of David Shapiro"

check it out:

bad intentions

good intentions

End of my teaching day and I feel a little better than usual. I see a bit of light. It's almost the end of July and then a nice holiday in London.

Tomorrow is the hump. Wednesday. Intensive teaching of ceo/directors at a local company and intesive three hour English class in the evening and a few other classes as well. But at least the week is almost half-way over.

another pic from my window in Zory

view from my window in Zory

I used to live in Zory with a 50 something year old Polish lady named Aniella Vogel. Not a good experience. Here is a view from my window:


New issue of Past Simple is now online. Some poems from my manuscript Godzeenie (god of hours). The manuscript considers time/moments/hours and place. Each poem is titled according to the hour of composition. Place is also important. The manuscript is almost complete. I wrote it during the last nine months in Poland. Communist hotels, a room with a 60 year Polish lady named Aniella Vogel, Katowice train station and many other locations in industrial southern Poland.

The issue also some paintings by my former Polish student Grzegorz Mioduszewski.

check it out:



I am at the burn out stage for living in a foreign country where I don't speak the language. Some of you who have worked abroad may be familiar with this stage.

In both Korea and Poland it went something like this:

stage one: 1-3 months. Fascination. An intense interest in the food and culture. An attempt to learn a few words. Everything is full throttle. Staying out late. Trying everything and anything related to the culture

Stage two: 4-7 months. Wondering what I am doing. Worrying about my future. Feeling frustrated. Looking for something exciting. The sound of the foreign language is frustrating. Everything is very loud. Especially old ladies.

Stage three: 7-12 months. A decision whether or not to stay in the country. If staying, then a more serious attempt to learn the language. Either assimilation or leaving the foreign country.

Stage three in Poland is much different than Korea. I knew I was going to leave but in Poland it is much different. I have an opportunity to settle for …

crazy July

Gotta make it through July. Summer camp with 6-8 year old kids, teaching CEO's and managers at companies at 7:00 AM in the morning, 3 hours everyday of an intensive English course for adults and there is no textbook, medical English with a dentist etc. etc. etc.

It nice's to have some variety of course.

But gotta Find my own projects to keep my mind on fire.

The good news is I have a new flat. Clean. Modern. No internet still. But someday. Maybe September.