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crazy July

Gotta make it through July. Summer camp with 6-8 year old kids, teaching CEO's and managers at companies at 7:00 AM in the morning, 3 hours everyday of an intensive English course for adults and there is no textbook, medical English with a dentist etc. etc. etc.

It nice's to have some variety of course.

But gotta Find my own projects to keep my mind on fire.

The good news is I have a new flat. Clean. Modern. No internet still. But someday. Maybe September.


Andrew said…
Man, I am there with you. I am getting very burnt out from teaching. It's been nearly two and half years since I took an exteneded break.

Thankfully, my hours have been cut this month so I get a lot more time to get writing done.

Anyway man, keep the chin up and hang-on in there. Don't let the beast through you off!!

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