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another interiew in krakow tomorrow

I am leaning toward living and teaching in Krakow. I have another interview tomorrow morning. It seems like a very good school. Good feedback from a former teacher that worked there for a few years. And very friendly director.

Yeah . . . things could come together . . . fingers crossed


so I finished two teaching contracts in Poland. The second contract was only for three months in Bielsko to see if we both wanted to continue.

So here is the big news.

My contract for the next school year was made "null and void" not because I am a bad teacher or misbehaved but



I received a short email while I was in London saying my blog was "gross misbehavior" and my contract would not be honoured.

I have never said anything bad about the school on this blog or to anyone. I really believed it was a good school. Actually, I still believe it is a good school. Great teachers.

Of course I am reasonable. If I said anything damaging to the school I would have no problem deleting posts.

But because of my musings about teaching and Poland on this blog, my most recent school decided to void my contract for the next school year.

Seems a bit crazy in some ways.

It is a pain to find a new job and a decent place to live etc. But I nee…

some good shows in London

two good shows. Monday we saw Kevin Devine

and last night we saw And You Will Know Them by the Trail of Dead. My ears are still ringing from that show.

I liked kevin Devine a lot more than Trail of Dead, but both shows were good. It feels so good to see live music again after two years!!!

I am enjoying Susan Stewart's Poetry and the Fate of the Senses. It is such a relief to read and really think again. PHEW!!!

Friday night in London

Just chillin in the living room of the hostel. They have wireless so I am using my laptop. Feels great. YEAH. Internet.

Went to British Library yesterday. Amazing. Love the old books. Also picked up an old copy of Milton's Paradise Lost (printed in 1801). Inside the old book there are newspaper clippings from some literary critic about the greatness of Milton.

Other books:

Mackey's Splay Anthem
Susan Steward's Poetry and the Fate of the Senses
A Susan Sontag Reader

Everything is very expensive in London. Especially compared to Poland. So can't go nuts with books. Plus can't find a good used bookshop for good poetry like in Chapel Hill or St. Marks in New York.

Tonight we might go to an indie club. Tomorrow we are going to the club Ministry of Sound. Next Tuesday we might see And You Will Know Us by the trail of Dead. Or something like that. I think they are like Sonic Youth or something.

It feels great to be an English speaking country again. Eating Prawn Cocktail crisps.

In London

a lot of walking. typing on an indian keyboard. hard to type. heading to oxford street and charing cross for the used bookshops. dali exhibition on friday at the tate with some surrealism and film as well . . .

London is crazy cool . . . my nose is a bit rough though . . .

need gum and a good nose blow this morning . . .