Friday night in London

Just chillin in the living room of the hostel. They have wireless so I am using my laptop. Feels great. YEAH. Internet.

Went to British Library yesterday. Amazing. Love the old books. Also picked up an old copy of Milton's Paradise Lost (printed in 1801). Inside the old book there are newspaper clippings from some literary critic about the greatness of Milton.

Other books:

Mackey's Splay Anthem
Susan Steward's Poetry and the Fate of the Senses
A Susan Sontag Reader

Everything is very expensive in London. Especially compared to Poland. So can't go nuts with books. Plus can't find a good used bookshop for good poetry like in Chapel Hill or St. Marks in New York.

Tonight we might go to an indie club. Tomorrow we are going to the club Ministry of Sound. Next Tuesday we might see And You Will Know Us by the trail of Dead. Or something like that. I think they are like Sonic Youth or something.

It feels great to be an English speaking country again. Eating Prawn Cocktail crisps.

Ate some great Indian, Lebanese, Chinese, and especially Spanish. I love the Spanish food. A few little plates at a time of great seafood.

I am not looking forward to returning to Poland. But ah well. I really needed this. I feel refreshed again. I can do Poland.

Hell YEAH!!!

Tate Modern tomorrow for the Dali and surrealism exhibition.