so I finished two teaching contracts in Poland. The second contract was only for three months in Bielsko to see if we both wanted to continue.

So here is the big news.

My contract for the next school year was made "null and void" not because I am a bad teacher or misbehaved but



I received a short email while I was in London saying my blog was "gross misbehavior" and my contract would not be honoured.

I have never said anything bad about the school on this blog or to anyone. I really believed it was a good school. Actually, I still believe it is a good school. Great teachers.

Of course I am reasonable. If I said anything damaging to the school I would have no problem deleting posts.

But because of my musings about teaching and Poland on this blog, my most recent school decided to void my contract for the next school year.

Seems a bit crazy in some ways.

It is a pain to find a new job and a decent place to live etc. But I need a good professional, stable, reasonable, friendly school. I have a lot of experience and I have no doubt I am a good teacher. It is just as well I didn't continue with the contract. It is obvious the job was not quite stable etc. I want a solid contract year at a school. I don't want to move around. I am tired of moving around.

I had a sucessful interview in Krakow. But still looking.

So many fly-by-night ESL schools in Poland and all over the world. I want to get paid. I am sure teaching is for me. If I can just make a future out of it. It can be difficult in Poland with no savings etc.

But yeah teaching and writing is the best for me.

Just gotta keep riding . . .

head up . . .

stay positive etc.