time and money

25 hours on trains this weekend but it was fab. Went to Prague and had a good night on the town hanging with Zofia and Andrew. Then we went to Regensberg in Bavaria on Saturday. It was my first time in Germany and it was quite a contrast to Poland and Czech Republic. Everything was very orderly and clean. No dog shit everywhere etc. A beautiful city!!! Great cathedral (St. Peters) and some seriously side splitting good food. The beer was also excellent. Yeah Germany is cool.

On the train back to Prague from Regensberg Frank (a German friend) taught us all a nice German song from Munich. We drank a ton of beers on the train and sang a nice German song. We also sung the popcorn song. Great train party!!!

Yeah. I need more times like this weekend. Getting caught in the workday world. And the workday world of teaching ESL in Poland doesn't have many advantages (money etc.) So need more benefits from travel around Europe. Just need time and money (like most people).

YEAH!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!