planning food

Routine. Just the right amount. I always try to time when I can eat so I have enough energy to get through my classes. Working split shifts makes it hard. I know when I teach a six hour shift in the afternoon with quick breaks I don't have time to eat anything. The morning shift can be easier. 3.5 hours in the morning then a piece of bread and cheese. Need to find a decent meal to get me through. Not easy. I try not to eat my main meal until 2PM so the food will stick with me longer. But by then I am low in energy and end up eating a kebab. Five kebabs last week, two cheeseburgers, one chicken burger, one chicken wrap and ham and cheese at 10PM. No time to really cook. Hm . . . today I am going to eat my main meal at 1:30PM and make it last till 9:30PM. Maybe a chicken sandwich. Mondays are awkward.