from Prodigal Drift

Neighbors 1

no eternity without mythical speech
totem mud paints the brain
clay codings
seven to nine stiches suture the mind
a paradise of blemishes
music drawn like concepts
between meanings
visions in the mudpit

Neighbors 2

crazy oblivion terminates in the nude
bathing in pine needles
skin stripped from the bum
the most inquisitive children
on the sundial of the dead

all good people in the pit
with which the world spins
loneliness from one skull to the next
illuminated by the cruelty of transition
between countries

licking the salt off the armpit of a pregnant woman
tombstones and doors
bedrails invade the sky
nighttooth faxed to the underworld

Neighbors 3

wild dogs at Katowice train station
broken glasses
swollen nose
gingerbread latte and Vogue papierosy
god’s playground