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mixtape with the Lucifer Poetics Group

it is announcements like these that make me wish I were still in North Carolina with the Lucifer Poetics folk:

Announcing MIXTAPE (the Reading Series) #4

Mark you calendars now! Mixtape is a salon-style reading series, where invited poets will read "mixes" of work by writers other than themselves.

Host: Chris Vitiello
Where: 1106 Ninth St., Apartment A, Durham, NC
Date: Saturday February 23, at 8 p.m.
Readers: Chris Vitiello & Kate Pringle

After a hiatus of some months, MIXTAPE is back!

Chris Vitiello ( is riding high on the release of his new book ( I asked him if he'd care to break the MIXTAPE format and read from Irresponsibility instead, but he's going to grace us with a regular MIXTAPE selection -- still, feel free to regard this MIXTAPE in part as a stopgap book release party for Chris, and to shower him with gifts and accolades.

Kate Pringle ( of minor/american fame (not to be confused with American Minor, "A 5 piece alt-country rock and roll band from Charleston, West Virginia") will also give a reading, and should also be showered with gifts and accolades, just for ruling in a general sense. I'm sure Kate will be glad to see you all at a poetry party that she doesn't have to clean up after for once!

Future MIXTAPES plan to feature a variety of post-reading attractions, including "play stations" for making visual art, sound, and words in a free, collaborative manner. This MIXTAPE, however, will take place within earshot of a sleeping infant, and will therefore be a bit quieter (although I've heard rumors that Iris might be hanging up art in the apartment to give art tours, which I really hope happens). In fact, all poets with babies should consider bringing their babies to this MIXTAPE, so that the babies can all meet one another, and that we might place the babies in arrangements both whimsical to the mind and pleasing to the eye, and photograph them in these arrangements.

Please spread the word to any parties you think might be interested-- I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.


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