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in wood green, north london today belfast tomorrow berlin . . . ???

in new room. old place. a few cool bulgarians. now my mum is in belfast. flying back to belfast tomorrow. it is crazy globe trotting. come back to london in 11 days. will eventually get settled. met cool german named sven and went to about five london irish pubs full of irish londoners here since the 60's. mostly old men. interesting. lots of polish people here in wood green. no internet in my new flat/room. my room is illegal. it is not meant to be rented. a storage space. but super cheap. for london. just a foot in the door. using super slow internet right now at a cafe. type everything at least three times. keyboard/internet problems. ten steps behind my typing. new job should be ok. small school. marketing a school is much better than marketing some shitty product . . . so in short . . . on the move . . . head still up . . . hectic as all hell . . . but i am damn determined to make a new life . . . so come on london . . . lets get it on . . .


Aimee said…
I've started reading through your blog, and, wow! you are totally the most adventuresome person I have known! I'm quite jealous. I feel like to live the artistic life, you have to live in the constant questioning, seeking, never-fulfilled, fighting-the-head-demons state and that is so hard. I feel in many ways I sold out for a stable job, stable life, stable mediocrity. I miss the passion and pain of the search. You've re-inspired me to write, so, hey, thanks for that. Your blog is awesome. I'm just so impressed. You're my example of how to keep seeking despite it all. You're amazing. I love your writing--your deep questioning. I wish you lots of luck in London starting your new life. Don't let the marketing gig suck you in too much. It's easy to let that happen.

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