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New flat

So I moved into a new flat in North London (near Manor House) last monday. Lost money by moving out of the other flat before the end of the month but the new flat is much better. Cool flatmates and nice and modern place and even internet in the front room. One flatmate is from Poland is married to a fella from Pakistan. She is seven months pregnant. Two of my other flatmates are from Lithuania.

First week on the new job was intense and very tiring. Lots of trainings and meetings and getting the new lingo of marketing etc. But the school is very cool. Independent and a high standard of excellence. A family type of atmosphere. I already miss teaching though. I even miss Poland right now. Strange.

So tonight I am hanging with a new friend from Germany named Sven. My first friend in London. Hope I can get a bit of a social life. I keep wondering what it would be like to move back to Poland though. Strange. really strange. I thought I was finished with Poland. I have no desire to return to live in Katowice though. Don't miss that city.

Also joined the Irish and british poets list. Reading in two weeks in London with Nate Tarn and Lee Harwood. Yippie. Very cool. Just hope i can find the place and get there on time after work. Also need to get a national insurance number and survive until my first paycheck.

Live in a Turkish neighborhood. Got a haircut yesterday in a Turkish barber shop. The barber lit something on fire and put it on my skin. It burned a bit and felt good. Nice and warm. Then a hot towel and some pink liquid. Felt fresh and vibrant. Strange and interesting. I was hoping to find the world in London instead of traveling the world without a home. maybe I can make London my home. But this week was damn hard. Will try it for the summer. If not, then other options in the fall.


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