one hour till departure

hey we go . . . one hour . . . two trains . . . plane . . .london

well, Milton Keynes for a while . . . interview for a marketing gig in North London Tuesday. If I got the job, I would be the marketing fella for an English language school in North London. The other side. Not teaching. Not sure if I can get it. Not sure of anything except . . . goodbye Poland. It's been good. It's been terrible. It's been a roller coaster. I have learned a lot. I need to be in an English speaking country for an extended period of time. Maybe grab some roots.

I met some amazing people in Poland (Ewa, Joe, Magda, Zofia, Jon, a fantastic student named Piotr, Ela etc.)

Krakow is a beautiful city. A lot of interesting things happening. I will visit Krakow again for sure!!!

Zurek is an amazing soup. Bigos is good in the winter. Polish beer was quite good.

I will miss some of my great students at Empik!!! I won't miss Katowice!!!

time for a new life . . .

next entry will be from London (or London area)