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monatic nomadic nymphoids

so maybe my feet will come back. maybe i can work in marketing for this language school and then create a mental space for my writing. I think other writers work business jobs and still are prolific with their poetry and art. started copying some of the language from a marketing report for the middle east. might be able to use some of that for a new poetry project. need a new direction for my project. don't want my book manuscripts to repeat themselves in their intentions, styles, content etc.

it is still strange to wear dressy trousers everyday for work. But I don't think i have become too corporate. there are so many hipsters in London. I feel half square with my clothing and hair etc. Damn if only i could have the patience to grow my hair medium long.

maybe . . .

circles abound.

moving for third time in London next month cause these flatmates are finishing their housing contract and going separate ways. so three moves in three months in london. just keep moving. don't stan…

Brick Lane

went to brick lane in london yesterday. it is an amazing place. my favourite place in london so far. lots of interesting galleries. it is where the new shit happens. fashion is hip and mind blowing. i also taught a class as a replacement teacher at the school and i felt like myself for the first time in quiie a while. want to get back to teaching at some point. not sure about the business world at all. numbers and marketing. i think i am not good at separating things. i mean my work and my writing and my life. it all feeds into each other and marketing just does nothing to excite me even a little. just gotta survive it for a while and see what happens. a lot of database cleaning right now and marketing letters/email campaign to education agents. tomorrow i have an interview for my national insurance number. hope i find the place in time and my work day goes well. still some hangups in london. can't transfer my money from my polish bank account. not sure why yet. would have been be…

turkish neighborhood

It is pouring rain in London right now. Typical English weather i guess. I live in a Turkish neighborhood. I got my haircut the other day at a Turkish barber shop. No one spoke much English. It was interesting. He got a burning hot metal stick and put it close to my face. Supposed to be good for your skin I guess. Then he rubbed some pink liquid on my face.