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got a big room for the month of August. Half a foot on the ground. So my third move in London coming up in two weeks. Then in September I must move again because room is only for one month. So four flats in four months in London. Par for the course.

I am circles indeed!!!

Think I might take a huge risk and use all my savings for a celta (certificate for teaching english as a foreign language) and leave marketing and if i can't eat then emergency ticket back to america to start all over again. But I can't keep going with this marketing stuff.

yeah and someday someday i will write again. six weeks and no new work yet.

it will come back. just need two feet on the ground!!

here comes the boss damn dread that

ok punch in the time . . . feet will come soon


Kornelia said…
Please, don't go nuts because of the London craziness ;)
kevin.thurston said…
marcus, i tried to find your email, but now that you are in london, you should check this reading out, if you dont know about it:

good poets

plus, its too far for me (in DC)
jwg said…
celta is good. Delta is better. have you found that either of these will really help? I have a TESOL from TEFL Int., but don't know if it has landed me a job. Think the masters helps much much more. Anyway, if you ever want to bounce ideas, send me an e-mail.

I will be in Norwich come mid August. We must have many pints!
postpran said…
I won't go nuts now Kornelia. Teaching again helps. Just gotta connect with some poets etc.

I really really appreciate the link to the readings Kevin. I have been looking for something for a while now. This looks great !! I will check it out for sure.

And yes we should have many pints Jim. I want to hear all about your experiences in the phd programme as well. Thinking of doing that if i can get funding. Will be cool to see you again

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