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Lee Harwood London 17th June 2008

“theory of colours and walking skeletons”
“the usual desire for the glue monster”
“in small rooms we sat around the fire”
“I know what you are thinking in this closed room”
“the exit contains the tomb”
“closeness obscures as old photos clearly understood face to face”
“yes I know you son”
“somehow this works, being together”
“we’re all amused on this Mexican dream bus with its sand dollars and beaded mirrors”
“we found ourselves in the mouth of a river, in a surprised undoing”
“the blankness of this, we know, is mercurial frontiers”
“you know that this parting is an opening out into the usual feet of time”
‘still blind to the past, the tilted and jilted past, that isn’t even there”


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