back in the saddle

first week in new flat in west London. paid the deposit. Just hooked up wireless internet a few hours ago. I start a new job on Monday teaching part time at Ealing and West London college (ESL). Hope it can turn from temp to more permenant work next year.

The last four months in London have been crazy. Four flats in four months. Two temp jobs and half the national average in terms of salary.

I think now I am finally starting to settle in. Still need to clean out the kitchen (the flat was full of a lot of junk) and get a desk and a computer (I sold my computer a few days ago).

Still a lot of stress and not quite out of literal survival mode. But I am in an English speaking country. Poetry readings are happening!!!

Reading this saturday at 7:30 PM at the poetry cafe in Covent Garden. Hope I can finally get back in the saddle after three years absence from live readings etc.

has something changed in my writing since South Korea and Poland?? Well, I will revisit work from five years ago in North Carolina (flarf plus sound based poetics plus plus . . .)

The muscle and music is coming back into my poetics. And more experimentation again. More letting go!!!