fantastic Sunday reading series

I went to a fantastic reading yesterday afternoon.

Sundays at the Oto (Japanese for sound) with TIM ATKINS, ISNAJ DUI + SOPHIE ROBINSON.

Tim Atkins was absolutely nothing short of spectacular. One of the best readings I have been to in a long long long time. He takes Horace and Petrarch into 21st century London. Funny. Surprising. Smart. And he reads so damn well!!! Check out his Horace and Folklore books. He also edits the literary journal onedit

Sophie Robinson did an interesting video art and performance. Bright origami birds on a seashore. Voice drone loops. Eerie.

Isnaj did some flute playing and did something with a strange little delicate machine. New age trance.

The post-avant scene is alive an kickin in London!!!

A bit over a month ago also went to a great reading. Sean Bonney. Also mind blowing.

So Sean Bonney
Tim Atkins

and many more to come

tis a pity i cannot attend the Opeened reading series now. I teach every evening and morning so can only attend the Sundays at the Oto series. But next semester I am going to request Thursdays free.

OK off to work . . .