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sean bonney remix

words overheard, misheard, and remixed from an an Openned Poetry reading featuring Sean Bonney

Sean Bonney Remix

A clean blade with magnetic wildwood scum. Wierded weird the final host of the brain slop. We don’t know who, anyway, eclipsed, the final host. A soul net. Oh, pretty, petty, this police system of knowledge. Performed an alien nation with bobs of sound with splintered power, disconnected for not paying the bills. Queen derivative magic and private particular magic. Without entirely sufficient numbers the hyena in a pretty frock is sheared. We’ll meet in hell. Tricking the passerby with official verse culture there are no words for sky, lobsters on their backs. Ok police computer, split the little knots of yr language and expose town and country.


some more great thought thinking language

becoming camel again

loading up

before turning into lion to tear apart

and then back

to that mystical gooey eyed

chid (thank you Nietzsche)

yes that is

my favourite

the child

I am not a camel

I am a child



Minor American issue II

Got my copy of Minor American literary journal today in the post. Damn fine work and excellent production. Looks bloody fantastic. Strong connection with some poets in North Carolina and the Lucifer Poetics Group.

The feel of the journal in my hands makes me very very very happy. I feel very honored to have some selections of Godzenie included with such damn strong and interesting writing. For real one of the best literary journals I have ever laid hands or eyes on. I wish there were more of them. More people need to experience this puppy!!!

Thank you for the excellent editing work e. Ficarra and K. Pringle. And thank you Erik Anderson, Laura Carter, Juliette Sueyuen Lee, Christopher Martin, David Need, Tessa Joseph Nicholas, Eden Osucha, Ken Rumble, Ryan Logan Smith, and Dianne Timblin.

This is a collectors item no doubt. Try to get a copy someway somehow. You won't regret it!!!

Also really enjoying the poetry in the latest issue of Masthead

check it!!!

Godzenie is finished

Spent over 30 hours for the last two weeks finishing my three year manuscript Godzenie. Other than perhaps some small changes it is finished. Just printed and bound it with a binder clip.

Godzenie was written while I was in Korea and Poland and finished in London. Godzenie is a polish word which means to make an agreement (ex. ‘Trudne jest godzenie pracy z zabawa’ – ‘It’s difficult to reconcile work and play’). Godzenie also shares roots with godziwosc, ‘justice/fairness’ and godnosc, ‘dignity.’It’s about reconciling the mind/body split, reader/writer/meaning(s), Dionysian/Apollonian politics/aesthetics and all sorts of other divides I am unable to see as the maker of the poems. It is erotic. It is music. It is the eye. The eye is most central in the Korean section and sound is more important in the Polish section. The eye is the mind and intellect and music is the body. They are not strictly divided in the manuscript. Both are important throughout.

An eye in music.

Godzenie is also a pl…

Sundays at the Oto (reading series)


“poetry and music with the post-avant crowd for your Sunday afternoon pleasure”

Third Sunday of the month, 3-5 pm, Café Oto, 18-22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London E8 3DL ( £4 entry.

October 19: Keith Jebb + The Mind Shop (music: Armorel Weston, John Gibbens and David Miller) + Wanda Phipps + Alyson Torns

Wanda Phipps, from New York, may not be familiar to all listmembers - her work can be accessed via her website:

She will be reading poetry, not I am afraid singing. Wanda is also appearing at Openned on Tuesday the 21st.

Cafe Oto is tucked away at the main crossroads in Dalston, just opposite & down a little way from Dalston Kingsland Overground Station (2 stations from Victoria Line at Highbury & Islington), and with good bus routes from Waterloo (76 & 243), Victoria (38), Kings Cross (30), Tottenham Court Road (38 & 242), London Bridge(149) & Liverpool Street (242 & 149), let alone North & E…

small press book fair in London


Conway Hall,
Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RL


Open 11am to 7pm, admission to bookfair and readings is free. Holborn tube.

Readings and Events on Saturday 25th.

1.00. 'Playing with Words': booklaunch & performances by David Toop,
Ansuman Biswas, Brown Sierra & Nye Parry

Royal Holloway Poetic Practice:
Anna McKerrow & Becky Cremin

Cluster Arts Magazine Act Two:
selected performances and readings

Kyle Schlesinger (Cuniform Press)
Charles Alexander, Chax

Booklaunch: The Reality Street Book of Sonnets,
introduced by Jeff Hilson with a star-studded cast of sonneteers.

Vincent Katz reads 'Barge',
a collaboration with Jim Dine

West House Books
David Annwn and Martin Corless-Smith

Les Coleman
The cat Talked in Latin with Greek

Veer Books launch Bill Griffiths' The Lion Man + readings by Sean Bonney, Johan de Wit, Piers Hugill, Jow Lindsay, Aodan McCardle & Stephen Mooney

This y…

Openned Reading Tues Oct 21st

This is an amazing reading series. Must get someone to cover my EFL classes!!!

The Next Openned night Tuesday 21st October

These People will be reading at Openned on 21st October.

Line up as it stands:

Adrian Clarke
Francesca Lisette
Wanda Phipps
Anna Ticehurst
Michael Zand

Mike Weller (video work)
Allen Fisher (video interview, the first in a series)

Coming from London//Sussex//New York
Venue: The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street: EC2A 3JL
7:15 a.m Start

Openned Reading Series

Alice Notley celebration

Constellation: Alice Notley goes live today - a collaborative web event featuring
34 writers responding to individual Notley poems; video footage of Notley reading
at Birkbeck last May; and the publication of 10 new Notley poems.

Curated by Carol Watts at Birkbeck Centre for Poetics, Edmund Hardy at "Intercapillary
Space" and Steve Willey and Alex Davies at Openned. Step in at

or via the

"Intercapillary Space" and Openned sites.

Contributors are: Tim Allen, Caroline Bergvall, Elizabeth Bryant, Jon Clay,
Jennifer Cooke, Jen Currin, Ian Davidson, Melissa Flores-Borquez, Susana Gardner, John
Hall, Edmund Hardy, Ralph Hawkins, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Amy Hollowell, Sarah Hopkins,
Piers Hugill, Elizabeth James, Claudia Keelan, David Kennedy, Pansy Maurer-Alvarez,
Peter Middleton, Stephen Mooney, Alice Notley, Redell Olsen, Michael Peverett,
Sophie Robinson, William Rowe, Lisa Samuels, Zoe Skoulding, Elizabeth Treadwell,

another one in progress

New Parade as Smog

there is a series of predictable problems
domains in flame

all feasible desires of the soul costume
no nature plants the cars in stricken spume

your supposed past with sense data attachments
you can just reach it with a chopstick in a 2x2x2 cube

say body tantrums, dandruff and tampons
say pons pons and bons bons
say cinnamon and sugar in other people’s eyes

what it waz was a drive through a poignant headline
overwrought rent paid with a stiff elegy

don’t bother to don yon seaflakes
deep archaic reason
at the tower’s exposed tit