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Godzenie is finished

Spent over 30 hours for the last two weeks finishing my three year manuscript Godzenie. Other than perhaps some small changes it is finished. Just printed and bound it with a binder clip.

Godzenie was written while I was in Korea and Poland and finished in London. Godzenie is a polish word which means to make an agreement (ex. ‘Trudne jest godzenie pracy z zabawa’ – ‘It’s difficult to reconcile work and play’). Godzenie also shares roots with godziwosc, ‘justice/fairness’ and godnosc, ‘dignity.’It’s about reconciling the mind/body split, reader/writer/meaning(s), Dionysian/Apollonian politics/aesthetics and all sorts of other divides I am unable to see as the maker of the poems. It is erotic. It is music. It is the eye. The eye is most central in the Korean section and sound is more important in the Polish section. The eye is the mind and intellect and music is the body. They are not strictly divided in the manuscript. Both are important throughout.

An eye in music.

Godzenie is also a play on the Polish godzina which means ‘hour.’

In Poland the poems are titled according to the time when composition began. In Korea they titled by date and sometimes place.

Time is a concern.

Overall I am quite happy with it.

Now it is time to try publishing it . . .

I want to avoid first book contests but maybe . . .

just want to release these growing collections of manuscripts


William Keckler said…
I love your title. I love your explanation of the meaning.

I look forward to its concrete apparition.

I like the phrase "concrete apparition."

Let me know when it's tagged and ready and I will order.

Ciao for now.
postpran said…
thanks William. That means a lot to me. Yes here's hoping for a "concrete apparition."

Kornelia said…
Marcus, so when we will be able to read it? :)
postpran said…
hi Kornelia,

I have it send it to publishers soon. It will be a while i suppose. I will start sending it out in a week or two and then I must wait for rejections and hopefully an acceptance at some point :-)
Kornelia said…
Hope that 'at some point' means very very soon!!!
Best wishes Marcus! :)


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