Minor American issue II

Got my copy of Minor American literary journal today in the post. Damn fine work and excellent production. Looks bloody fantastic. Strong connection with some poets in North Carolina and the Lucifer Poetics Group.

The feel of the journal in my hands makes me very very very happy. I feel very honored to have some selections of Godzenie included with such damn strong and interesting writing. For real one of the best literary journals I have ever laid hands or eyes on. I wish there were more of them. More people need to experience this puppy!!!

Thank you for the excellent editing work e. Ficarra and K. Pringle. And thank you Erik Anderson, Laura Carter, Juliette Sueyuen Lee, Christopher Martin, David Need, Tessa Joseph Nicholas, Eden Osucha, Ken Rumble, Ryan Logan Smith, and Dianne Timblin.

This is a collectors item no doubt. Try to get a copy someway somehow. You won't regret it!!!

Also really enjoying the poetry in the latest issue of Masthead

check it!!!