old Andy

" When you leave the city and go out in the country you're always tempted to
think, 'This is the real America.' 'These are the real Americans.' And they
have 'real' jobs: mechanic, country doctor, fireman, plumber. Then you start to
learn more. Maybe one of the country people you meet is old, with all their kids
grown...and they get to know you better, and they start to like you, so they
tell you some of their ideas which they haven't spoken to anybody about in
years, and the more you listen the more you realize this person is really
crazy. Their thoughts have been bouncing around against each other, just like
the people you see on the streets of any city, talking to themselves out loud.
Nobody in America has a normal life, And the real America is wherever you
happen to be in the U.S.when you start wondering about the question."

Andy Warhol