todays rough draft

Gum+Cigarettes in a Litter Free Zone

a shoveling between whale bones moistens the frontiers

corrosive hunkle-buckle

sporadic blood whimper

stairs like skulls refleshed with steel

universal fun-loop sifting expectations

sounds grid this thick city

lost my tongue with the west winds of England

little pimps on the night skimps

stretched beyond the return

dunna wanna eat it
or beat it or
mince it or
mete it
before being
sucked under

quit asking questions
about wine on counter, take potato from pocket:

peel, dice, splice

like in a film
with real milk
we can’t get the
sneezes out of our sleeves

get outside with your fuel to burn
something must
break real soon

blistered & barking
up the wrong tree