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captain beefheart on itunes. London 1974.

guacamole and doritos


20 min and then tube to shepherds bush for NY Eve bash

no table reserved


Didi Menendez, the editor of miPOesias, did a portrait of me. I dig it. Based on a younger pic. Fun stuff.

I am envious of her talent and energy. I feel absolutely lazy when I see all the projects she juggles. Mind boggling really!

about last night

the poem below was written last night at The Windmill pub in Brixton, South London. It is mostly a collage of the flyer listing all the indie bands that played at the venue. There are some observatory sentences and some overheard sentences from the folks in the pub. We stayed after hours and met the owners and had lots of free drinks. Only problem is . . . I'm still hurting. It will be part of the stations section of Alien Memory Machine (when I revise it of course). Each poem in the stations section is written around (or near or in) a tube station in London.

The Windmill (Brixton, South London)

We are blessed with a ramshackle bohemian outpost. The crib of klaxtons. Thunderclap families with so so modern sounds. Art brute. From dusk till dawn without the vampires. The owner Seamus came from Ireland in the 70's to dig ditches. His wife kathryn liked to dance. Met the dog Lassie. They ate post-punk rice cakes and drank Red Stripe lager. A new utopia of howling wombats piped throu…


Godzenie has been revised. Revisited. rethought. Things taken and things added and things shuffled. Four sections:

1) Wonderland (Seoul, South Korea)

2) Block 7A (Zory, Poland)

3) Hotel Diament (Jastrzebie, Poland)

4) Return to the City (Katowice, Poland)

Some poems fit nicely from North Carolina days into Block 7A as well.

Three individual poems to kick it off then four serial poems (Wonderland, Block 7A, Hotel Diament, Return to the City).

Finally, many years in the making, a mature manuscript is ready.

disjunctive narratives, eliptical lyrics, poetry and place, poetry and the foreign, poetry and the eye, poetry minded.

voice is not a static value

I am exhausted. Need to find food.

back in London now

good back

Now, I have a home base in London visiting Poland is a much more enjoyable event.

Just found out Godzenie did not win one of those first book contests. S ____ press also seems to have gone quite a bit conservative with a few token innovative poetries. Perhaps I am wrong. Either way, some thoughts:

1) revise revise revise Godzenie. Tear open its guts and see what can work better. Think I will add new process writing from this return to the city. My mind is in a different state now. Godzenie is written in an urgency. Add more layers of tones. Hermit Kingdom is also more observational. Like the sentence poetics and the detachment/observational poetics. Want to make it tighter and cleaner.

2) maybe find a better home for it

3) keep writing Alien Memory Machine and finish the first draft in the next month

4) start new manuscript Placebo

Ewa's family is very very kind. Great cold cuts and bread. Nice hard mattress so woke up without a sore back for the first time in months. yeah.

Lots of good…

travel poetics

Back to katowice, Poland tomorrow. Hanging with my girlfriend and her family for Yule time. Bringing my notebook and a few pens and see what crops up. The hardest part of packing is choosing the right books. I am interested in exploring the poetics of place/travel. Alas I am bringing the following books to re-read and write with:

1) In Transit by Tony Baker
2) The Form of a City Changes Faster, Alas, Than the Human Heart by Jacques Roubaud
3) Rhode Island Notebook by Gabe Gudding
4) Nostalgia for Unknown Cities by Ken Edwards

Will perhaps have a smidgen of internet. so only a bit of time online. Reading and writing. Walking the streets. Poems/place.

This is the Motherfucking Remix

I did a collaboration with the poet Brian Howe around five years ago. Some of it was published in Tony Tost's Faascicle magazine. Well now Scantily Clad Press has published the final version. Just published yesterday. it is a very strange little thing.

A remix alright. Lots of found language and sounds. Swerves out of the personal. Away from the father. Away from the thick syrup of the body. Sound dictates.

check it out:

This is the Motherfucking Remix

heading into 2009

sometimes a wee bit of whisky and coke with mince pies loosens up the throat and ach so I can write by gooley. So it is nice to think again. Been meditating on my travels and attempt to re-invent myself over the last three years. Well over the last many years but in particular the last three years cause I packed up and left the United States in order to find other worlds and see what can happen with my writing well something happened alright what happened I am only now beginning to process I went into intense isolation post-divorce and had little contact with the poetry world for over three years but wrote didn't like what I wrote at the time cause I was going at it blind but now after being in London for something like seven months I am seeing it seeing some kind of whole seeing the work as if for the first time again like when I was hanging with the Lucifer Poetics Group in North Carolina and getting my jollies with all those damn fine follies and jovial gatherings at The Blue D…

alien memory machine

is being radically reworked

is two serial poems

"The secret of why we first took to our feet" (mythopoetics, image-centred, wisdom tradition)

"As you where" (google-sculpting, found texts, sound-centred, dense, irony )

Alien Memory Machine is also taking a different direction after writing a David Lynch poem

that's perhaps the third section . . .

poems for film

but not sure

Hm . . .

framing. I am learning about framing. Just as poetry used rhyme and meter to keep it memorable in the oral tradition the idea the concept the frame can be keep it memorable.

so a book project

an obsessive concern

I like poems that can stand on their own feet

but like even more a book that frames the poems

don't like the book of random scattered poems

the drive for clarity and unity and wholeness but not without first getting damn messy!!!

does the desire for order have a stronger pull for artist minded folk (poets and others) than non-artist minded thinkers???

what is an artist minded thinke…

Openned Reading this Wed