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alien memory machine

is being radically reworked

is two serial poems

"The secret of why we first took to our feet" (mythopoetics, image-centred, wisdom tradition)

"As you where" (google-sculpting, found texts, sound-centred, dense, irony )

Alien Memory Machine is also taking a different direction after writing a David Lynch poem

that's perhaps the third section . . .

poems for film

but not sure

Hm . . .

framing. I am learning about framing. Just as poetry used rhyme and meter to keep it memorable in the oral tradition the idea the concept the frame can be keep it memorable.

so a book project

an obsessive concern

I like poems that can stand on their own feet

but like even more a book that frames the poems

don't like the book of random scattered poems

the drive for clarity and unity and wholeness but not without first getting damn messy!!!

does the desire for order have a stronger pull for artist minded folk (poets and others) than non-artist minded thinkers???

what is an artist minded thinker?

that's silly!!!

Perhaps a willingness to enter new environments and pulls of understanding

to re-create

an unhappiness with the given pre-fabricated

packaged happiness

so yeah, for me that questioning and re-creating takes place in language art (i.e. poetry)

poetry is not really what is taught for exams

is not GCSE or A levels or BA or MA or PhD

is not not

is simply

the frame

or not so simply

depends how you re-order it

I like to think of my writing as shuffling

I just re-order the information

and what about tone?

well irony and playful seriousness seems to be the order of the day

I worry about the order of the day but i think it has to do with a mistrust of our manipulated emotions
yeah THEM!!!

So sincerity is questioned

and humor is a damn good lubricant

just look at the good Greeks


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