good back

Now, I have a home base in London visiting Poland is a much more enjoyable event.

Just found out Godzenie did not win one of those first book contests. S ____ press also seems to have gone quite a bit conservative with a few token innovative poetries. Perhaps I am wrong. Either way, some thoughts:

1) revise revise revise Godzenie. Tear open its guts and see what can work better. Think I will add new process writing from this return to the city. My mind is in a different state now. Godzenie is written in an urgency. Add more layers of tones. Hermit Kingdom is also more observational. Like the sentence poetics and the detachment/observational poetics. Want to make it tighter and cleaner.

2) maybe find a better home for it

3) keep writing Alien Memory Machine and finish the first draft in the next month

4) start new manuscript Placebo

Ewa's family is very very kind. Great cold cuts and bread. Nice hard mattress so woke up without a sore back for the first time in months. yeah.

Lots of good homemade Polish food. Growing slighly plumper. Feasting.


1) make my matress harder in London
2) get a firm pillow
3) try crunches

reading Nostalgia for Unknown Cities by Ken Edwards and loving it.

Wrote quite a few pages in the new notebook on train, bus, and plane (see post above)

Met Rodrigo last night at City Rock. Amazing stories. Mary Jane later (fingers crossed).