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a breakdown

Wonderland (South Korea)

Rumi and the fire chicken, circle dancing, mosh pits, meat on a stick, baskets, gangnam escorts, window shopping for women, barber poles with a surprise inside, plastic eyes, a serial love poem.

Block 7A (Poland)

Zory gone eliptical. Anielle Vogel. The erotics of small birds. A philosophy of blocks. Tribes of old cronies. Wodka in winter. Matura. A burning. A charing. A using up.

Hotel Diament (Poland)

composition by sentence, a spy novel.

Return to the City (Poland)

Katowice. Christmas 2008. sentence by sentence. getting on top of it. once more up the coal smudged hill once more through the desperate train station. Reconciled exile. reconciled divorce. happiness comes from the frames.


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