from Moving Pictures (1st draft. 20 min.) (London Inferno Section)

Shepherds Bush (West London)

the biggest urban shopping blooms or busts
may yr head not turn the other way
may your brain not be boxed
may the ass be asked before bumping
before being bruised on the soft
seats of the underground
may you be well for the imagination
may you no longer be sick from the rumors
may you may you I dunno be rambled
tadpole tadpole a tad hullabaloo
can you hear yourself crumble
when you sleep can you fetch
the staff the stately staff we’re
graying and our post-capitalist
marches float through the dark
may you overreach reedy and red
may you wake with the nymphs
of Dionysus with a twig between
your teeth oh yes may may you
lop off your fat and refind it again
in some unknown city with the creature
creeps the pipes of the boat sucking
you out from under from from the suitcase
unpacked and repacked always too
heavy and always left behind