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Info on middle east technical university

got good info from my friend Josh about METU in Turkey. He taught there for a few years. I met Josh in grad school 10 years ago. MA in English program at Western Washington University near Seattle. Now he is doing a phd in Indiana in Turkish studies. Americanism in Turkey. He is getting fluent in Turkish now. He said METU was one of the two best universities in Turkey. And the world technical does not mean vocational but more like MIT. The best minds in Turkey with science professors with degrees from Harvard, MIT etc.

Also chair of the Foreign languages department department is super down to earth and friendly. Very good video conference interview. Starting to feel more and more this is right way to go for a while.

Also got the job at Bilkent but i think it would be more restrictive than METU. The job at METU is teaching in the department of foreign languages and there is potential for teaching literature during the second term. METU feels a lot more inviting and welcoming than Bilkent at least from the interview.


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I think this is from The Nortre Dame review, but I found it via goofle (I mean google).

Another Ireland: Part Two
Maurice Scully, The Basic Colours. Durham, UK: Pig Press, 1994.
Geoffrey Squires, Landscapes and Silences. Dublin: New Writers' Press, 1996.
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By Robert Archambeau

I began the first half of this article (Notre Dame Review #4) by mentioning some of the limits to the legendary hospitality Ireland has shown to its poets. If you arrive in Ireland from any point of departure outside of Eastern Europe, you will indeed find a public far more willing than the one you left behind to grant poets the recognition all but the most ascetic secretly crave. However, this hospitality has never extended to Irish poets w…