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Spain is out; Turkey might be in

Spain is out. Never really felt in. Got job offer to teach at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Maybe for one year and then return to the UK. I want a base. The UK could be my homebase. Till Wednesday to make a decision. Applied to over 100 jobs in the UK but nothing except two week jobs here and there. Not many prospects. I can save a bit of money in Turkey, get some material for a new book, then come back to London. Leaning in that direction. Don't want to loose touch with friends and poets in London though! Maybe a cross-cultural connection between innovative poets in the UK and Turkey. That could be cool.


Joseph said…
Well, congrats on the Turkey job!! I'm looking forward, should of course you decide to go, to much Irish eda.And is it a coincidence that the word verification code I'm about to type in has the word sufi in it?
postpran said…
Thanks Joe. Almost sure I am going to Turkey :-)

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