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Alien Memory Machine (South Korea Section)


my address is 813
Dae Yang Nice
Gae Sang
Gye Yang

Joe is a veteran of the gulf and cooks big plates of rice
Shane has a ponytail and refuses a Korean look
Tim meets us on the roof and runs through the numbers

Wonderland is a scam!!!

my ipod contains:

Jesus the Mexican Boy
Good for Good
Ocean Breathes Salty
King of Carrot Flowers
Promising the Light
Kissing the Lipless
Somebody that I used to Know
Bird Stealing Bread
Bridges and Balloons
Lion's Mane
Naked As We Came
He's Simple He's Dumb
I Don't Blame You
Float On!

Greenline to Shinlim Station
Exit 3
Bus 5529

Date with Beth 3:45PM at Gangnam Exit 1

Saturday 2PM Yeoksam 3
blind date from Korean Friend Finder

250 grams of meat

wed meet landlord
for hanging closet

Mike and Shane:

Go to Wal-Mart. Stand outside front doors. With Wonderland on the right, walk left. Building has huge number 201!!! There are 5 entrances. Ours is the last.


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