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The Barbarian Poets (some now institutionalized)

Now that I am in London and Godzenie is about to be published I am on fire again. All is possible. There is so much to explore in Poland in terms of neglected interesting poetry. So many interesting poets in the big world!!!

The poet Grzegorz Wroblewski has opened my eyes to Polish poetry I couldn't find when I lived in Poland for two years. It's another word/world.

I just can't get enough!!!!

Grzegorz and I are planning to do joint readings in Warsaw, Copenhangen, London and maybe somewhere in the states (North Carolina).


Freedom that elusive word. That much abused word. That overly politisized word. We want it in our daily lives. Some seem to give up. Nothing is worth more! There is nothing to achieve!

The Barbarians


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