from Alien Memory Machine (South Korea section)

I lived in a tiny tiny room called a Goshiwon for 2.5 months. Just a bed. Couldn't stretch my legs all the way. A bar above my head for clothes. A shower shared by 50 or so Koreans. Very very little contact with other English speakers.

It is still a first draft. Here it is from the notebook from 2006:

Gyesan Goshiwon

We walked in water, not on. We worked the washers with foreign signs. We reeked of kimchee. A turtle pillowed me. You must understand how the clothes hung above me. We didn't throw fevers at the moon. Crazy horizons. My street eyes on plastic toys. Dog-eared my inner ear. Florescent coins. We met in a tunnel while snow licked my lashes. Strike that. We met in a coffee shop. They followed me up and down a step ladder. I received my papers. You must answer me now. How did I end up so far from other foreigners?