Terra Lucida

At last. It's arrived from America. Abandon all other reading projects!!!

TERRA LUCIDA, Joseph Donahue's ongoing magnum opus, is an astonishing work in which psychopompic dispatch and apocalyptic portent, by turns audacious and distraught, mix worldly exactitude with vatic unrest. Striking in its range and compression, its culling of contemporary grist and archaic light, its reportorial tone's melodic reach, it allies an unforced, unforeclosed spirituality with sifting intelligence of the severest kind. Long awaited, volume one is a beautiful, bracing, desert island book"--Nathaniel Mackey. Donahue's most recent book, INCIDENTAL ECLIPSE, is also from Talisman House and also available from SPD.

Author Hometown: USA

Terra Lucida Review

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