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Turkey did not work out due to financial constraints with paying for visas and notarizing diplomas etc. (over £500). So I am off to Poland in a few days. We are all moving out of this London flat and going separate ways.

Strange feeling. Narrowing my life to one bag again. Staying at a friends house on Saturday. Flight from Luton to Gdansk on Sunday.

This is the new city for a while. Will use the time to finish London manuscript.

Elblag history

Set magazine from 1961 and 1963


Edited and published by Gerrit Lansing, copyright 1961. Cover by Harry Martin.

Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, Stephen Jonas, Edward Dorn, John McGavern, Robert Kelly, John Wieners, Frater Perdurabo, Gerrit Lansing.

Issue #1 available NOW in pdf format.


Edited and published by Gerrit Lansing. Cover by Harry Martin. Copyright 1963.

SET 2 features LeRoi Jones, Diane Wakoski, Robert Kelly, Kenward Elmslie, John Wieners, Stephen Jonas, Gerrit Lansing.

Issue #2 available NOW in pdf format.

SET magazine

Kerouac Song

From Chris Hickey:

In March, I wrote and recorded a song, each day, for about three weeks. The result is "Razzmatazz" - 16 songs, just vocal & guitar, recorded in my bedroom on a hand-held voice recorder.

Here's a link to listen to or download "Kerouac" from the new CD:

Thanks! - Chris Hickey

Kerouac Song

Chris Hickey

check it!!!

Welcome to Tony Tost's America. My name is Tony Tost, and this is my America:

Tony Tost's America

Set 1

Big Maybelle, “Ocean of Tears”

Billie Jo Spears, “Get Behind Me Satan and Push”

Leonard Cohen, “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard On”

Carl Story, “You Don’t Love God (If You Don’t Love Your Neighbor)”

(Tony Tost is authorized by the soul saving station to perform such duties consistent with his special advisory position)

Set 2

Johnny Burnette Trio, “The Train Kept A-Rollin’”

Jerry Lee Lewis, “Honey Hush”

Billy Lee Riley, “Saturday Night Fish Fry”

The Blenders, “Don’t Fuck Around With Love”

(Tony Tost explains: America leads a life of allegory; its works are comments upon it)

Set 3

Sister Wynona Carr, “Dragnet for Jesus”

Skeets McDonald, “The Tattooed Lady”

John Anderson, “Tokyo, Oklahoma”

The Rio Rockers, “Mexicali Baby”

Little Walter & Baby Face Leroy, “Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (Part 1)

(Charles Manson discusses doors, perfection, and conditioning.)

Set 4

John Phillips, “She’s Just 14”

Tanya Tucker,…

from the korean notebooks

The sumptial colonel is losing weight with Zoloft
& gaining weight with prozac. Wings have been useless.

He walks the stairs to Wonderland.

He's an eliptical machine.

Fingernails chalk
the walls.

The sumptial colonel has headed
east has
verbs into
simple tenses.

His marriage loins gone drury.

Sugar in a round
clay pot.

The peace. The wasp. The slope.

Singing nettles under
a black

Behold the no-lid.

and old rugs
on a metal staircase.

bits and bobs unmolded from the London notebook

I'm testing my banality.

Do you see this moon tissue?

Snail shells were once used as an allegory for both grave and resurrection.

The bright green and orange parrots are outside my window. They are beautifully lost.

There are more things in a closed box than an open one.

Make haste yea gentlemen who ride across the seas. My housemate awakens furniture that once slept.

Every morning I give a thought to saint Robinson Crusoe. Waterbugs floated on the china plate.

Q: Was I in yr tummy when you were dancing?
A: No!
Q: Where was I?
A: No where.
Q: Where is no where?


If you want to see the mirror then say please. The banality of the situation requires attention. A small lint free cloth, two pound coins, a small twig, and unresolved scum clogged the washing machine. I cannot proper myself completely. I imagine a forest life surrounded by friends in plaid shirts and muddy boots. That lady to…

Mike Wallace interview with Jack Kerouac (1958)

MW: Sounds like a self-destructive way to seek God
JK: Oh, it was tremendous. I woke up sick about the fact that I had come back to
myself, to the flesh of life...
MW: You mean the Beat people want to lose themselves?
JK: Yeah. You know, Jesus said to see the Kingdom of Heaven you must lose
yourself...something like that.
MW: Then the Beat Generation loves death?
JK: Yeah, They're not afraid of death.
MW: Aren't you afraid?
JK: Naw... What I believe is that nothing is happening,
MW: What do you mean?
JK: Well you're not sitting here. That's what you *think*. Actually we are great
empty space. I could walk right *through* you... You know what I mean, we're
made out of atoms, electrons. We're actually empty. We're an empty
one mind.
MW: In what mind--the mind of God.
JK: That's the name we give it. We can give it any name. We can call it
tangerine...god...tangerine...But I know we are empty phantoms sitting here
thinking we are human beings and worrying about c…

soundeye festival in cork

Leaving Wednesday morning. Lots of great poets to mingle with. My first public reading from Godzenie.

Super stellar lineup:

SoundEye #13
8-12 July 2009
Cork, Ireland

Wed July 8 • 18:00 • admission free
Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork
Reading: Sean Bonney (UK) + Mairéad Byrne (Irl/USA) + Keith Tuma (USA)

Thu July 9 • 18:00 • admission free
Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork
Reading: James Cummins (Irl) + Frances Kruk (UK) + Keston Sutherland (UK)

Thu July 9 • 20:30 • admission €5
The Other Place Club, St. Augustine St. (just off Paradise Place / Western Rd.), Cork
SoundEye Cabaret (Programmed by Fergal Gaynor)
With Isabella Oberlander (dancer AUT) + Boiled String (performance poetry CYM) + Mathematical Muse (poetry / performance / music) + Retorika Quartet with Camilla Griehsel (baroque and renaissance strings with soprano) + many more

Fri July 10 • 14:00 • admission free
The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Shandon, Cork
Reading: Swantje Lichtenstein (Ger) + Kevin Perryman (Ire/Ger) + Stephen Rodefer (USA/Fr) + Mi…

pinhole visions

A pinhole camera is a very simple camera with no lens and a single very small aperture. Simply explained, it is a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. Cameras using small apertures, and the human eye in bright light both act like a pinhole camera.

pinhole visions