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from the notebook

Milky Bar

I'm in a Polish
Milky Bar


plump ladies
are sweating

my gulasz

Sopot August 17th 2009

this sun brings me
back to 21 this sun
in Sopot

when with pierced ear
I did wear

a wet
suit on my


where are you oh
travel mates

I've leaked

the sea

oh woman hobbling
in canary shirt

I'm here

on this bench

I've misread &

my trains

soon the light will
go but now
it's a blue dome

love is an intervention
in this quantum



is imprinted
with what

it once

farewell oh
clumps & crotch


By Jove!

this is
specjal Jasny

spicy bird

There is

a pump
for sok


there are straws
for gals

and plum
and cherry



pull fish

from the canal

Vipered &
versed I still
go ill with fear

of the golden mean &
urban sprawl

this grip is



I bend my

to the

North Seoul

into the world into the
cowshit &
gold painted
with Mr. Goar

I left my broken watch
in Jakjeon but picked up
a hipper one in Myeong Dong


this is the wee baker boy that saved Elblag

Long long ago this small lad saved Elblag from the invasion of Teutonic knights by closing the city gates with his shovel:

Warszawa bombardowanie

Absolutely amazing trip to Warsaw for three days. Grzegorz Wroblewski was an incredible host. He took me under his wing and I will never ever forget it. An amazing warm genuine human being and poet.

On the last day the poet, translator, future diplomat, and historian Dorota Sobstel was my host. Again, another incredible human being.

I saw an outdoor play about the second Warsaw uprising (after the first Jewish ghetto uprising). 250,000 Polish civilians were murdered in 60 days. Warsaw was in ruins. They started the uprising because they believed the Russians were close to the capital and were going to liberate them. However, the Russians only watched and let the Germans do their dirty work. Then they moved in. And took over.

I went to Warsaw, in part, to meet lots of poets and editors. Grzegorz introduced me. We were hanging in the old town of Warsaw as part of the bombardment of poems. Polish and Chilean poetry fell from the sky.

Very grateful I got to see this. Fantastic!!!

Here is a wee…

Alien Memory Machine (London section)

This is the second first draft of a poem from today. The 2nd poem written in Poland 2009.

London Bridge

Hey baby give
me yr light
cock chump call
whoa whoa whoooa
rob the rambling wind
fickle yrself sick
with yr puddyslope
plaster my soul's
soul never skips
more's the pity
sip desires
elsewhere balkerings
of bacteria and blooddust
spot on my rain dabbed
minions my damned rats
my buccolic caesars
in the pokka dot shafts
in the flame cycles
with mountains
of chips & slithering
ale we've got
our mouths
on yr fraudulent
chalk a weltering
rook with pensive
swine in their arm-
chairs my nose
is in yr cadaver in yr
spuddertalk against
yon bridge with your
splatwisdom and crumbling
nudes we touch yr turrents
we touch yr androids yr lusty
inhale bonjella on the
gums brunettes tripping
me on the tattered angels
I used to believe in
a little bleary-eyed
snowcone our light
debt is blue the color
of livid yellow goes
the cracked yammer

Alien Memory Machine (South Korea section)

the jizism girls
sit in their jizism
windows take your
faith & kick
it out the window
we'll clay our way
out of this dark
I'm working on
working on
erasing you
I'm on my loneliness
with my fat lips
I'm drumpy
you're simple
I'm considering
your ass juice
to whom do I
spread to whom
do I crack
open soften
inside slime
into the grind
a bliss cup
among the towers
pain became
a passage
a puppet
a muppet
a beauty bar
twigs in the twaggle
bakelight inside
the mouthcharts
don't make me
do not wear
do not make me
make me wear
flares do not
make me
spit cherry pits
stick glass in
tummy munch
Rumi let us
then mate

Made it

Must cut nails. They click too much when I type. Must get a sim unlock. Must get my nose into this climate. Must find toilet trees. Must get groove. Must get back my rusty Polish phrases. Must ask for a Reklamoofka or bring my own. Must find a table and chair to write on. I have a sofa and bed and mini-man stool.

The air is dusty. There are two other natives in the three flat building. That's what we call ourselves. Natives. But we are not natives here. They are natives.

I'm back on the instant coffee looking for waking visions. I am still getting my bearings. My compass is spinning, still. I should be dancing. Was fur ein Beat hast du?

3 more hours

until buses, trains, and planes to Elblag, Poland. I should arrive in Elblag a little before 1AM.

Need to look at my books again.

hanging at a friend's house by a canal in East London (Limetree). Lots of Boats. A fountain. Some ducks. Makes me want to try Tai Chi!

The weight of books

I keep throwing away clothes but I suppose I need to have more than jeans and t-shirts for a winter in Poland. Upped my limit to 25 kilos. I have 15 kilos with computer and books in my carry-on. Must unload books and get them shipped later. So what to take???

So far, from the top of my head, here are a few of the books I have packed for Poland:

1) Sean Bonney's Document, Baudelaire in English, Poisons their Anecdotes

2) Frances Kruk's A Discourse on Vegetation and Motion

3) Stephen Rodefer (as Jean Calais): Villion

4) Robert Duncan's Audit, 1967

5) Joe Donahue's Terra Lucida

6) Geraldine Monk's Ghost Sonnets

7) D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow, England my England, The Kangaroo

8) Peter Jaeger's Prop

9) Tim Atkins Horace

10) Jeff Hilson's Stretchers and Bird Bird

11) Nate Tarn's Palenque

12) Joseph Ceravolo's The Green Lake is Awake

13) various little chapbooks/pamplets picked up at Soundeye like David Toms, Luke Roberts, Default pubs etc.

14) a copy of Minor Amer…

moving time

Insane morning. Clean the flat. Fill the black bags. What to take and keep. I'm slouching towards another new life.

Leave the desk and chair. Sold the imac with big screen. Got an old laptop.

15 kg of clothes
15 kg of books

This is everything I own.

I wish I could narrow it more.

1.5 hours on train in a few hours to stay at Ewa's friends house. Tomorrow seven to eight hours of trains, buses, and planes to Elblag Poland.

gaining and losing what?

Time for a Lucas aid!