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Alien Memory Machine (South Korea section)

the jizism girls
sit in their jizism
windows take your
faith & kick
it out the window
we'll clay our way
out of this dark
I'm working on
working on
erasing you
I'm on my loneliness
with my fat lips
I'm drumpy
you're simple
I'm considering
your ass juice
to whom do I
spread to whom
do I crack
open soften
inside slime
into the grind
a bliss cup
among the towers
pain became
a passage
a puppet
a muppet
a beauty bar
twigs in the twaggle
bakelight inside
the mouthcharts
don't make me
do not wear
do not make me
make me wear
flares do not
make me
spit cherry pits
stick glass in
tummy munch
Rumi let us
then mate


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