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The weight of books

I keep throwing away clothes but I suppose I need to have more than jeans and t-shirts for a winter in Poland. Upped my limit to 25 kilos. I have 15 kilos with computer and books in my carry-on. Must unload books and get them shipped later. So what to take???

So far, from the top of my head, here are a few of the books I have packed for Poland:

1) Sean Bonney's Document, Baudelaire in English, Poisons their Anecdotes

2) Frances Kruk's A Discourse on Vegetation and Motion

3) Stephen Rodefer (as Jean Calais): Villion

4) Robert Duncan's Audit, 1967

5) Joe Donahue's Terra Lucida

6) Geraldine Monk's Ghost Sonnets

7) D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow, England my England, The Kangaroo

8) Peter Jaeger's Prop

9) Tim Atkins Horace

10) Jeff Hilson's Stretchers and Bird Bird

11) Nate Tarn's Palenque

12) Joseph Ceravolo's The Green Lake is Awake

13) various little chapbooks/pamplets picked up at Soundeye like David Toms, Luke Roberts, Default pubs etc.

14) a copy of Minor American

15) Tom Raworth's Ace

16) Grzegorz Wroblewski's Our Flying Objects

17) Catherine Wagner's Hole in the Ground

18) Maggie o' Sullivan's Body of Work

19) Ken Edward's Nostalgia for Unknown Cities

20) Keston Sutherland's Hot White Andy

21) Marianne Morris's A new book from Barque Press, which they will probably not print

22) Linus Slug's The ffrass gazette

I will have to leave at least 40 kilos of books behind for now. How did I get around 60 kilos of modernist and contemporary poetry books in London in the course of about 9 months?

The price of a nomadic lifestyle is the loss of books! But they are building again. Hm . . .


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