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IQ or A POETICS (part one)

half of your intelligence is from congress
with other people

thus, without contact, last time
around in Poland

my intelligence

or I lost
my vocabulary

which amounts
to the same thing

this time I talk
talk talk &

if only
to myself

love songs
are the same
and they
keep pushing
my buttons
especially during

I dream
non-stop because
I set my alarm
at odd intervals

I want to live
with pedestrian
and sing woozy
on my feet
around for my keys

wear my organs
on the outside

all our feet
make the big
city , the new city,
the only city
after this one
gets sacked and re-
sacked by the visa-
goths or some
other discontent

what I do
at my desk
is what I want
to do on my bed

it's about getting
with your self
or selves
that shifting

we're gonna go
so better
not confuse
with life


anna said…
i like it.what do you do at your desk? and than in you bed? hehe.
postpran said…
thanks Anna . . . blue skies here . . . at least something good :-)

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