Unheimlichkeit ( the breaking of ground)

such a variety of houses and fortresses which fish make from their own liquor
& saliva these details take precedence over a panorama
four horses to
overcome 14 pounds
of limp flesh


this is whale watching
on the blinding
with sliding
waters what is
is found again


last night a Utah
came to me
among the red
rocks and offered us
some land
and shortly after I
was back in Milton
Keynes England
with a rocket ship
in the mall & Neil
we're coming to America
today I'm in Elblag
Poland among Teutonic
bones and
the shadow of a nun
in her spires
the Wulkan pub
where another new life
was sprung
among the clicking
of sharp heels
I've dreamed
of horses I've dreamed
of lands I've never seen