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composed between 15.00-15.16

On Your Way to Luxurious Grass

When I follow you into
the cheap city with
your legs wet wrapped
up in a skirt with
scorched & stretched
thighs we are
following our follies
we are not effective
like the animals
corpse maintanence
with the machine that
already has you
in its perpetual
claws see the time
it seems to take
to poke and yoddle

here is yr chicken
here is yr leg

mercy has
a double fisting

in progress . . . .

A House is not a Home

my house is the fireman's dream, a bloodbomb, boob errors, booby tubes, yep, my house is a spiral, a throat captain (ahoy!), twitching brows and fingerbones.

my house is ruse, my house is a hussy, my house is gonna get ya, my house houses a tableau of cut heads

flash flash flash

my house is the anti-thesis of a home

revision in progress . . . .

Elblag . . . Katowice . . . Elblag

the toilet is full of shit
with a footpump

to drizzle
out the water

if we fall
into the fizz I wanna

lick you all over

the old spooks on the way
to Kalingrad

hold their heads
in their hands

I've met my head
in the sweat boxes

of Polish trains
Polish trains leave

you saddle sore

in progress . . . . more

the sound at a distance

no shall I not, no shall I not
implore me
no shall I not, no shall I not
restore me

the gulag gaggles &
hacks, the gulag
is a Dronephone

the sockets contain a quagmire
of errors

equality is in the crumpling
of paper, equality is in
the silence

count, and roll, count, and roll

another one in progress

Alstom Turbine Factory
(Elblag, Poland 19th November 2009)

these corners have straightened
my hands the endeavor of ruts
masculine & marvelous I true
it is I baited into the poem
into a birdless place
a massive bloke with crust
in his eye handles
the turbines with pockets
full of molten
crystal we do ocean
these lips away may I
call you mine may I
unlock this door we built
this city on a relentless
terror we built this hissing
head cracking cases
troubles track us down

in progress . . . . .

There is a special insomnia
in this hall of lizards
I've allocated
a minddump on
two tonic
when my head falls
off someone
will turn
perhaps this will lead
to some small discovery
I love small nose

I love small
nose piercings
this is your own
this is making my head

this is goofier than
the bland
American grain
that fills my clunky
presently I am
my marbles
that hurt
we've left YOU
to dry out
in the morning sun
this doesn't do
me any good

the response
is to break
into a radical force
today I paint
with the whispers

that ended
the Roman empire

another draft

Unheimlichkeit ( the breaking of ground)

a boy a boy came to me
with wads of paper from the Lamma
welfare shelter I greased the pirates
what clutches yr dairy air?
my grandmother Jean was dissolving
into Northern Irish gravy oh lottery
to the grand land of dreams
hidden Star Wars figures
forgotten on light bulbs
this is the smell of burning plastic
this is a faint signal from Portadown
to Milton Keynes to Las Vegas agog
with crackes and shells alive alive
oh oh this is the piecing
together of extra bits
is that you in front of me
in a rocket ship with Neil Diamond
blasting we're coming to America
today today but I'm in Elblag
Poland among Teutonic bones
and there is a shadow of a nun
in her spires I've dreamed
of horses I've dreamed
of lands I've never seen

another draft of Trendy Club

Trendy Club
(Elblag, Poland)

I'm not your
stoic mistress
I'm the oops
in yon skirt
a sheet of metal
back the sparks
that light a cigarette
we're hidden in itchy
dreams a creamy
touch this stranger
shacks with testicles
we ride
the brambled motions