Spanish fork (revised)

Taxi to Victoria Station (Dec 20th 2009)

I miss
her picture

of your broken bits

I know this

my fingers lost
touch with turtles
in the half moon
Chicago to SLC (Dec 20th 2009)

there was a general holding
in the fenced off cloud

I watched a mindless

this is not a painting

my lovers were blown
into molten glass

Salt Lake City (Dec 22nd 2009)

I met
my ex-wife in the red


Spanish Fork Utah (Dec 21st 2009)

and we present
an army of the un-

sipping French roast at Buns
near a sign
that reads
"our money clips grip"

beware of the

beware of the man
on the wheel
who cranks
his legs

this is a general

Provo Supermall (Dec 26th 2009)

this is precisely the right moment for the spectral city
an adventure in hymns
an adventure in custom stickers
an amateur landscape
my love is a mole
a sauce for your meat cake
to frolic in half-lingered pleasures
cinematic pleasures disrobing your dunce cap
behold this fracturing
behold the pre-history
cinematic hacks
seeding new mantras
there is a larger reason
for your lunchbox
we revise to spit up
the terrors


28 December 2009

I began in a
failed society
mushy peas
and fried
the present
is a baffled
it is a gamble
to get off it is
a gamble to declare
missing, oh

�i lit my pocket trumpet
my head is in
another socket
the streets soaked
with melting snow
we linger like
I’ve had this air
only rarely
morning drops
itself into the keyhole
warts are in the markets
kiss me in my slow croaker
I smelled the snow
I'm not spooning
a single soul


you are a defensive guro,
rectitude, lets light
another match
I’m sitting under the widely
spaced stairs of another


Everywhere I look there are smart-eyed inarticulate creatures wishing me hello in monster aisle supermarkets and small smoke shops where even if you are 35 they want proof proof proof and trucks go swishing through snow and cars change lanes on mega lane highways our picture is on the ceiling when we tried not to make love our picture is smattered and scattered
that was another life

everything was another life

I've grown less afraid to love beyond
my bed