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This Thursday (3/18), the Duke Poetry Working Group will reconvene to discuss the work of J. H. Prynne, a poet whose influences and influence position him at the crux of poetry's avant-garde milieu. Please join us as we set out to register the immensity of his utterance.

You can access the readings we will be discussing here: http://english.duke.edu/research/poetry-working-group

Duke Poetry Working Group: J. H. Prynne

Thurs. 3/18 5:45

Continuing our discussion of textualized sound, our second meeting this semester will focus on the sonic and phonic concerns of renowned British poet and critic J.H. Prynne. Conversant with Romantic, late Modernist and Chinese poetic traditions, Prynne occupies a singular space in contemporary literature. Helping us find our way into that space will be Erik Ulman’s recent essay “Composing with Prynne” in which Ulman, a classically trained musician, interprets the poet’s work through the practice of musical translation. After listening to Ulman’s arrangements of Prynne’s “L'Extase de M. Poher” and “Thoughts on the Esterházy Court Uniform,” we will turn our attention to Prynne’s own essay, “Mental Ears and Poetic Work,” which elaborates on the function of sound and signification in poetic comprehension. Please join us for what we hope will be a rousing conversation.


Select poems of J.H. Prynne

Erik Ulman’s “Composing with Prynne” essay from Search: Journal for New Music and Culture.

J.H. Prynne’s “Mental Ears and Poetic Work” essay from Chicago Review.

Supplemental Reading:

J.H. Prynne’s “Stars, Tigers and the Shape of Words” essay (an especially hard to find work)

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we don't under or over shoot on the food. Folks from all fields and disciplines are welcome.