hot off the keyboard

(26th March 2010)

Bilkent Center REAL

I’m writing to you in this weather
among buckets of bumble bees

it is better to know my people
these leopard skins
are not my people

tumbling out warm
with the cosmic absurdists
a prophet’s ten minutes of satire

when will you cool your heels?

there’s a bird on your shoulder
that whispers goodbye

donkey eyes
plum eyes
olive eyes
violin eyebrows
strawberry hips
apple tongue
hazelnut nose

I’m heading to the roaring Bosphorous
pockets full of mercurial evidence
a metal tray of endless love
Venus rising in the hood of my penis
a wind puffs up for 24 hour shopping
on account of the frame
there is loose hair in my thickets
have fingers and know how to use them
I’m kissing the lipless